Maggie has lovingly cared for our dog Josey for the past 12 years. We trust her completely, with Josey, and our home. Josey just loves her. We especially likes how she leaves us notes telling us about how Josey’s day was. She goes that extra step to make sure our beloved pet is extremely well cared for. She is very knowledgeable about animals, she is also very flexible. She makes us feel at ease when we have to be away from home. Anyone who has Maggie caring for their pets is very lucky.

Brian and Jennifer G

Like a lot of folks our dogs are more than just pets, they’re family. We won’t entrust their care to just anyone when we travel. Maggie of Love’em & Leave’em Pet Care has been sitting our poodle Albert and Yorkie Gracie for four years now, providing consistently dependable, compassionate, and excessively conscientious care. The real proof is in our pets’ behavior when we return. Although they’re always glad to see us, they act happy, healthy and stress-free. When we recently lost our poodle of 16 + years, we were comforted knowing that during his golden years, Maggie was there for him when we couldn’t be, providing loving attentive and ever gentle care, making sure he got his daily regimen of thyroid pills, arthritis medication, and glucosamine. In fact, many times we enlisted “Dr.” Maggie’s advice on geriatric care. There is no one we trust more. We wholeheartedly recommend Maggie to anyone needing pet care services.

Gina Q and Barbara S

Here’s my testimony: You were the best ever for our cat, Stray, and I can’t thank you enough for your care and concern for her especially in the last days of her life. It was such a traumatic time for us, and you helped ease the pain of our loss. I can’t imagine there ever being a more caring pet sitter in the entire world.

Jean G

I love my dog! I used to travel from Austin to Houston for a no cage boarding situation. Then, someone told me about Maggie Hall, she is wonderful! Zoe is so happy to be a part of Maggie’s extended family, I think she feels a little bored when she comes home. Zoe is now a bit elderly and her health is failing. Maggie gives her medications and cares for her every bit as lovingly as I would. The daily email to let me know (honestly) how things are going and how Zoe is doing gives me peace of mind. I have recommended Maggie to friends who are also happy that they have a terrific situation for their dogs when they travel. Zoe has her vacation while we are away. She goes into Maggie’s home with her tail wagging, looking for her friends. She comes out happy and tired and ready to resume the quiet life at home. Love’em & Leave’em is the best place to take your dog for boarding. If I was a dog it is where I would want to go!

Claudia H

How many times would you give someone the key and alarm code to your home, and leave town with COMPLETE peace of mind about your pet… and your home? Since we met Maggie, the first call we make during vacation planning is to Love’em & Leave’em, before making our final travel plans—just to be sure that our Miss Holly is happy and well taken care of. We have an extremely finicky cat who used to become VIOLENTLY ill when we would leave her. Today our departures are hardly noticed by our cat, and in fact, we’re not sure she knows that we’ve been gone. We cannot recommend Maggie enough.

Patty F

We only have one cat at this time, but he is a special cat. His name is Einstein because he is so smart, and he was my Mother’s cat. He came to live with us after her death. Having him with us is like having a part of her here as well. I could not trust just anyone to take care of this warm and furry friend. That is why we feel very blessed to have Maggie taking care of him when we are out of town. I know he always receives the best of care and lots of love and affection which he so craves. It gives us peace of mind to know he is in good hands while we are away.

Barbara S

Our family has been relying on Love’em & Leave’em for several years. Our pets are part of the family, and Maggie obviously understands the importance of responsible, reliable, attentive care. For years we had a diabetic kitty and had to do a lot of traveling. We never had to worry that Ernie wasn’t getting his medicine or the attention he needed. We leave detailed instructions when we travel, and all tasks are completed without exception. I cannot say enough good things about Maggie, she’s a part of our extended family.

Julie R

My dog Casey is an 8 pound Yorkie and she has happily stayed with Maggie many, many times over many years. Maggie and her team (husband Bruce and associate Linda) have given Casey wonderful care. Casey is a “little” spoiled. She gets her needs and probably most of her demands met in Maggie’s home. The dogs are carefully watched, fed and given necessary medicine. It is much like a day care for dogs—each animal has a tea towel laid out in the kitchen with all their particulars. In addition, Maggie sends me daily emails with updates about Casey’s activities. She is very creative. Maggie once emailed that Casey was practicing her typing so she could go online and have a rotisserie chicken delivered!!! My traveling is made possible and so much more because of Maggie!

Diane F

I can’t remember how long Maggie has been my pet sitter, but it’s been a long time. I have never considered anyone else. The reason for that is Maggie takes care of my critters and my plants like they were her own. I always feel comfortable leaving her in charge. Last winter when I was on vacation, Maggie smelled gas and took all the necessary precautions to be sure the gas was shut off and the house was aired out, then called to let me know. I will always appreciate the effort on her part. I highly recommend Maggie for all your pet sitting needs.

Lorraine L, Client for 18 years

I am very picky when it comes to having someone take care of my dogs when I am out of town and Maggie is the only pet sitter that I have felt great about leaving them with. One of my dogs has a neck issue which could be very serious if aggravated and she is great with him as well as with my other two. She is very organized and her house is immaculate. You would never know that she had multiple dogs there. I can’t say enough good things about Maggie and highly recommend her to anyone.

Karen L

I’m the proud Papa of three Chihuahuas. Living alone except for these three “kids” of mine, I was reluctant to travel. I couldn’t bear to leave them in a kennel, nor did I think that my spoiled rotten “kids” could handle the kennel experience. I was completely tied down. When some changes in my life necessitated frequent travel, I thoroughly checked references and hired Maggie and Love’em & Leave’em, and I’ve never had a single regret. Maggie was great and had a way about her that won over the trust of my hesitant and suspicious “kids”. I was able to travel and not worry. The girls love her and her assistants! I’ve been away up to three weeks at a time and regularly travel 8-10 days/month. I’ve never had a single problem. I trust Maggie and her assistants completely with the “kids”. After years of service, I can honestly say that her service has changed my life!

Phil M

We didn’t think any humans were capable of loving us more than our humans until we met Maggie. Maggie was so wonderful and accommodating to our unique and special needs. At one point our humans had 5 dogs and 2 cats, like the Brady Bunch with pets. When we found out we had to move, we tried to get Maggie to come with us. She is the Gold Bone Standard. We thought it would be selfish to take Austin’s best pet services for our own needs, but to be honest we still tried. You are fortunate to have Maggie and her assistants. We’ve had a number of pet services prior to Maggie since we’ve lived in a number of other areas. We’ve not found anyone who comes close. Maggie is extremely professional and organized, while at the same time having the best sense of humor and flexibility. Our humans loved this. We talk about Maggie to this day. We miss them—we loved the personal touches and attention to us and our humans. There are not enough nice things to say about Maggie. If you’d like more info, you can contact our humans, John and Sheila, at 206-331-3877. Our humans will provide a tail wagging, purring two paws up endorsement of Maggie.

Pawprint signed,

Daisy, Cabo, Duke, Beau, Gidget, Peter-Bill and Oreo-Scooter

When I was traveling a lot, I had Lucky, a 75 pound German Shepherd mix and Wolfgang, a 90 pound Siberian Husky mix. They were full of spit and fire and when they weren’t sleeping, they loved digging and eating trees. I dreaded the idea of a kennel where they would be locked down most of the time. Then I found Maggie and Love’em & Leave’em. She visited the house to meet the guys and judge their temperaments. She took notes on my dogs, vet information, and how to care for them. I left for 10 days and Maggie visited daily, got the mail, fed and watered the dogs, played with the dogs and even brushed the dogs. She continued my work with them on sitting and staying and not leaping up on visitors. She sent daily emails and left the daily diary. The dogs were happy and apathetic about my return. As my guys entered their 70’s in dog years, Lucky developed arthritis in her hips. In addition to her normal pet sitting duties, Maggie administered medications and offered suggestions for Lucky’s comfort. I’m quite pleased with Maggie and her service.

Eddie F

Fortunately for me, since our initial meeting over 10 years ago, Maggie Hall has not only cared for my pet, but also my friends’ pets including dogs, cats and fish. Maggie’s love for animals is very obvious in the way she performs her work. She exceeded my expectations many times and never let me down. She is very detail oriented and insures that she knows every detail about their care and surroundings in order to keep them as comfortable as possible. My cat was diabetic and required oral medication and injections twice daily at very specific times. Maggie was always there to do what was needed and keep me informed, both with voice messages and hand written notes left for my review. She would also encourage me to call, no matter the time, with any questions or concerns, and especially when I arrived back home so that she would know that I had returned safely. It’s obvious that pet sitting is more than a job to Maggie, it’s clear she loves animals and is extremely dedicated to them and her human clients. She also demonstrates her passion through volunteering her time to collect much needed supplies for local shelters and rescue groups. I feel very fortunate to have known Maggie and to have had care for my pet. My cat lived to be over 14 years old, surviving her last 6 years with diabetes, and without Maggie’s help, I don’t know what I would have done. I highly recommend Maggie to anyone seeking a dependable and caring person to care for their beloved pet.

Ramon Callaway

Thanks from all our doggies! They really appreciate the Christmas goodies and we can use all the generous donations. We appreciate your interest and your clients’ interest in our group and rescue efforts.

Deborah, Mixed Breed Rescue

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the support and aid you’ve given us. We received many towels, blankets and other items from your donation drive to make a difference. All donated items are used to better the lives of thousands of lost, stray, unwanted and homeless animals who come to Town Lake Animal Center. Thank you for your kindness and concerns for the animals in our community.

Mary Stewart, Austin/Travis County Animal Services