About Us

Maggie, Pet Sitter


After earning a B.S. In 1978, Maggie taught high school physics. She began a toy manufacturing business—creating, designing, and manufacturing toys from her ideas, receiving multiple patents, and selling toys throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia. She began pet sitting professionally in 1994. Her family includes Bruce, her very understanding husband, Foster, a Chi-weenie, and LD a rescued old Dachshund mix. She has lived with and loved hamsters, gerbils, parakeets, rabbits, tree frogs, Cockapoos, Yorkiepoo, Dachshunds, Labs, Collie, German Shepherds, numerous cats, orphan lambs, chickens, angora goats, pigs, and mice. She has cared for guinea pigs, turtles, fish, frogs, newts, llamas, snakes, iguanas, monitor lizards, snakes, and Hissing Madagascar Roaches. She has worked in dog, cat and wildlife rescue, organized donation drives to raise funds for animal rescue groups and shelters, founded the Austin Pet Sitters Organization, and dearly loves animals. She is also certified in animal first aid and CPR. “We do our utmost to love your furry baby like you do, whether he’s 100 pound energetic Rhodesian Ridgeback, or an elderly tabby in need of talking and petting. We love’em like our own!”

Linda, Pet Sitter


Denise earned her BS Degree in Education in 1985 and her Master's of Religious Education in 1989. She married Ken Ward in 1991 and moved to Austin shortly after. She has been a stay-at-home mom for the last 20 years. Denise has always been an animal lover and rescuer of stray dogs and cats. Her most recent rescue is her cat, Leo, who decided to adopt her. She has been the "parent" of many dogs and cats and her family had a Shetland pony, a goat, a javelina (a great “watch dog") when she was growing up. She was also in charge of raising calves, chickens and pigs. Although Denise has only recently begun pet sitting professionally, she has always been the one friends and neighbors call upon to help care for their pets. Denise takes care of your pet as if it were her very own.