Whether you have a geriatric dog on multiple meds or a couch potato kitty, we’ve been taking care of unique pets’ individual needs for 20 years. From diabetic pets requiring insulin injections to your sweet kitty needing brushing, petting and playtime, visits are customized to your pet(s)’ specific needs.

We offer very limited boarding for special needs dogs in our home. Whether it’s an older dog with congestive heart failure or a dog with special dietary or behavioral needs, we provide loving individualized attention in a family environment.

We care for your special feline friend in your home with fresh food and water, medications, petting and brushing, play time, and cleaning the litter box. We’ll make your cat feel like the “King or Queen of the Jungle”, and we’ll keep an eye on your jungle.

If your pet could talk, you wouldn’t need a daily diary or email update. Fluffy would greet you purring and talk about laser pointer tag, treats, petting and brushing. He might mention the clean litter box, changes in interior/exterior lighting, watered plants, mail and packages collected, and tell you about the wicked hairball in the living room. Since your pet can’t communicate verbally, we provide you with written log of his care and email updates.